Uptown Funk | Old People

I am not really a fan of the original song (mainly because it has been played so much), but this cover is the best and funniest yet. You need to give it a try! 😉


Jeg er ikke speciel stor fan af den originale sang, men det her cover af den er helt fantastisk på alle tænkelige måder! Gør dig selv den tjeneste og se den ! 🙂

Finding the Perfect Theme (?)

I have just spent the last 2 – 3 hours trying to find the so-called ‘perfect’ theme for my blog. I have rarely tried anything as hard, I tell ya.

But it just means so much that it fits just right to what your blog is and who you are as a person. After all, it is the first thing people see when they visit your site – and if you have a messy and unorganized theme many turn away. Or, at least I do, haha.

Hell, I don’t even know if this one will stick and for how long if I do go with it. Right there, I am one of the worst decision makers in the universe. Mostly because I like something from various themes and just want to put it all into one theme, which will then suit exactly the needs I have.

Now you might think, ‘well, why don’t you?’. Because even that point is one I haven’t reached yet *sigh*.

Are you just as troubled when choosing a theme as I am?

Beauty Favourites

Beauty Faves

Such a messy set – I am so sorry, haha.

Anyways, the above products are some of the ones I pretty much use every single day I have to go outside my door. If I just stay at home and relax in my couch for a whole day I never butter with make-up. 😉

Bourjois is one of my all-time favourite brands. I guess you can say it is somewhat of a drugstore brand, though its prices are somewhat above it, but it is one you’ll see in your nearest make-up pusher place, if you’re lucky! But most products are set below 100 DKK.
The mascara shown in the image is actually the one I own and I cannot praise it enough. I never get lashes stuck horribly together and they are pitch black after use.

Bumble & Bumble. Man oh man. This spray is the first product I have bought from Bumble & Bumble. I bought it 9 months ago AND IT STILL WORKS! It has not dried out nor has it gone empty. My (fine) hair really does have the beached out looks without looking greasy. I really want some more of their products at some point, but unfortunately it is rather expensive. Unless you buy their travel sized bottles, they are around the 200+ DKK prize range.

Sephora has become a global brand, are you insane. I recently visited my friend in Copenhagen and was looking for a primer to use underneath my foundation/powder. I bought the gel primer from Sephora (in a smaller bottle in the one shown above) and glides right on my skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and you only have to let it stay for a couple of minutes before putting anything on top (unless you just love messy sponges and brushes 😉 ).

Benecos is an ecological Danish brand with wonderful prices! It’s bio-dynamic and everything, which just makes it better. I bought the powder shown in Berlin this Christmas and it is so smooth. It might not cover the worst blemishes, which is why I often use it on top of a creamy foundation, but if you just want to give your skin some ‘smoothness’ and glow it is absolutely perfect.

MAC’s lipstics are my faves. I love lipsticks in general and have way too many in various shades of red, haha. I have an orange-ish one from MAC which I bought from eBAY to well below the retail price. My next one from them have to be a nude, as I am really in need of more of that colour. Otherwise, Barry M is also quite good. I have a dark red lipstick from them which I just love.


Mængden af tekst skrevet på engelsk ovenover, bliver måske en dag oversat til dansk. I dag, må jeg indrømme, er ikke den dag. 😉

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