ASOS Gold #2

PicMonkey Collage(1)

Barry M Palette | Lord & Berry Stick | Bourjois Vintage Blusher
Bourjois 24H Eyeshadow | Lord & Berry Luminizer
Barry M Lipstick | Glamglow Youth Mud

This might just become a somewhat weekly thing. If anything, just because I absolutely love ASOS and the amount of possibilities they have with fashion, shoes, make-up and bags. Oooh, I could buy so much stuff from them.

Besides, the amount of make-up I have in my Saved List is starting to get insane. Which is why ‘ASOS Gold’ this time is about make-up.


Det her kan måske blive en ugentlig ting (hvis jeg får taget mig sammen, haha!). Om ikke andet, så blot fordi jeg elsker ASOS – men hvem gør efterhånden ikke det? Deres udvalg er gennemtænkt og fantastisk med nogle rimelig (SU-venlige) priser.

Mængden af make-up jeg har på min ‘Saved List’ er virkelig ved at komme ud af kontrol. Hvilket er derfor ‘ASOS Gold’ denne gang handler om make-up.

Is Being Single Such a Burden?

I’m almost 23 years old. I have flirted with my fair share of guys and kissed some when I have been out and about. I’ve never had a steady relationship, though (Oh yes, the shocker!).

Bottom line here is: I’m almost 23 years old and for all of that time, the only one I had to answer to, I had to truly consider and I had to pleasure has been myself. Yet, the question I get asked the most is: “So, how is your love life?”

I have always disliked that question. It kind of puts a certain pressure on you if you’re still single; you either have to date someone or at least have a funny story to tell from your free-for-all love life you have going on. If you have no love life, no love interest, well … then it’s sorta okay, but it’s still sorta boring.

What kind of attitude is that to have? I love being single. I currently can’t see what a guy should do for what netflix, my fridge and myself cannot do – and at times, probably way better! But all my friends around me are either going steady or just flirting and giggling, so I am suddenly an anomali in their world. They’re suddenly wondering if I’m lonely and if I’m alright. Why shouldn’t I be? I wasn’t lonely before you got a boyfriend, why would that suddenly change?

As a single person, I don’t see being single as any kind of burden – quite the opposite. I’ve learned more about myself when I’m single and when I am for myself than I otherwise would have done. But when everyone suddenly start yapping about how you should get a boyfriend, too …well, one might start wondering. I know they mean well, but in all reality, I feel like my love life has become a burden for them, which is ridiculous. I can take care of myself in every way possible and the day I feel the ‘need’ for someone else in my life, I can probably take care of very much of that, too.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind having something steady going on; hell, even something non-steady would be nice. It’s always nice to be desired and know someone is thinking about you. But, I am also saying that this person has to be extremely special for me to give up my daily dose of netflix and not washing my hair for 3 days straight because I have nothing planned.

Do you share much of the same view or do you have a completely different? And how about your friends; do they stay the same or suddenly become obsessed with who you’re seeing (or not seeing)?

It’s Only Saturday Once A Week!


I’ve been very much a cultural person today. I went to the Day of Literature with one of my friends and listened to a lot of poetry and authors. Quite interesting, but I do wish it had been bigger than it was.

Afterwards, we agreed to hunt down candy because we both needed it! And since it is Saturday, we really had no excuse not to buy candy 😉

The rest of my evening is going to go with documentaries and movies. Yesterday I went with a friend to see the new Avengers movies – which is absolutely splendid with a lot of action!

So, because of my cultural day today, you’re getting a little peek at my book collection; ordered in colour codes. I adore it so much.


Flower Friday


I have a growing love for flowers and I currently have pink/white flowers in my home. They just brighten everything up and I love waking up to see them – and when I get home, as well.

And would you believe I bought these beautiful roses at IKEA of all places? I was actually there Wednesday to buy a picture from their ART EVENT Collection (which I will share soon) and stumbled upon them outside. I love them. Gotta tell you that.

Now I just have to keep them alive, haha. I have an unfortunate tendency to kill all the green life I have tried to have in my home, so I really want to have a success story with these.