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Is Being Single Such a Burden?

I’m almost 23 years old. I have flirted with my fair share of guys and kissed some when I have been out and about. I’ve never had a steady relationship, though (Oh yes, the shocker!).

Bottom line here is: I’m almost 23 years old and for all of that time, the only one I had to answer to, I had to truly consider and I had to pleasure has been myself. Yet, the question I get asked the most is: “So, how is your love life?”

I have always disliked that question. It kind of puts a certain pressure on you if you’re still single; you either have to date someone or at least have a funny story to tell from your free-for-all love life you have going on. If you have no love life, no love interest, well … then it’s sorta okay, but it’s still sorta boring.

What kind of attitude is that to have? I love being single. I currently can’t see what a guy should do for what netflix, my fridge and myself cannot do – and at times, probably way better! But all my friends around me are either going steady or just flirting and giggling, so I am suddenly an anomali in their world. They’re suddenly wondering if I’m lonely and if I’m alright. Why shouldn’t I be? I wasn’t lonely before you got a boyfriend, why would that suddenly change?

As a single person, I don’t see being single as any kind of burden – quite the opposite. I’ve learned more about myself when I’m single and when I am for myself than I otherwise would have done. But when everyone suddenly start yapping about how you should get a boyfriend, too …well, one might start wondering. I know they mean well, but in all reality, I feel like my love life has become a burden for them, which is ridiculous. I can take care of myself in every way possible and the day I feel the ‘need’ for someone else in my life, I can probably take care of very much of that, too.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind having something steady going on; hell, even something non-steady would be nice. It’s always nice to be desired and know someone is thinking about you. But, I am also saying that this person has to be extremely special for me to give up my daily dose of netflix and not washing my hair for 3 days straight because I have nothing planned.

Do you share much of the same view or do you have a completely different? And how about your friends; do they stay the same or suddenly become obsessed with who you’re seeing (or not seeing)?

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